One of the most amazing things about a good photographer is their ability to capture relationships and emotion. Talented photographers seem to have an understanding of the world that’s more evolved than most. General experience of course plays a big part in this but beyond just being exposed to what’s around you, it’s a conscious effort of constantly looking at things differently that makes an impact. It’s a daily practice of seeing originality in the mundane, life in the stagnant, and a calling in the lost and of course visa versa. Subjects, objects, places, and people, a good photo goes beyond the lens, shifting inwards, developing a unique perspective in the photographer and for the observer. Ultimately, this is what we see reflected in a capture.  Born and raised in New York City, Robert offers a unique perspective on the world around him.  Inspired by nature but surrounded by a bustling metropolis, his images capture, color, drama, and etherial perspectives.  Robert's images are represented by Getty Images, 500PX, and have been featured on a number of high profile social media accounts.